Let us help you explore all the benefits of solar for your business or properties

The economics of solar are amazing, but going solar is often daunting and time-consuming. Our Green Glove service expertly guides you through the entire process from initial feasibility study through financing and installation

Why Go Solar with Sunstone Credit’s Green Glove Service?

Save Money

  • Reduce or eliminate your monthly electric bill from the utility
  • Take advantage of federal and local tax incentives on the cost of the solar system
  • Pay a fixed monthly payment towards your Sunstone loan and hedge against inflation and utility rate increases
  • Increase the value of your property

Gain More Energy Independence

  • Avoid unpredictable and costly utility rate increases that impact your bottom line
  • Know the source of your power and that it is 100% renewable and planet-friendly

Earn a Green Business Premium

  • Signal to new and existing customers your commitment to the environment and clean, renewable energy
  • Accommodate investors and lenders looking to deploy sustainable capital and invest in sustainable businesses

Why Go Solar with a Loan from Sunstone Credit?

Use your cash to grow your business while preserving your other lines of credit. We provide 100% financing!

Save time and get a decision quickly with our easy, transparent, entirely digital application process

Lock in a low, fixed monthly payment even as interest rates, inflation and the cost of electricity skyrocket!

Avoid unfavorable terms –Sunstone’s standard process doesn’t involve personal guarantees or property liens

Sunstone Credit’s Green Glove Service

Go solar
Let us know which of your properties you would like to have evaluated for solar potential
Sunstone performs an initial site evaluation to determine the feasibility of solar installation
We prepare a preliminary system sizing and high-level solar economics for your review
Sunstone connects you to one of our highly qualified solar partners in our nationwide network to provide a completely turnkey installation process
We provide you with up to 100% financing specifically designed for solar
Congratulations – you are now saving money and the planet with solar!

Sunstone Credit provides easy and affordable solar loans for businesses of all sizes. Let our Green Glove service handle the design and end-to-end installation process!

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Sunstone Credit provides easy and affordable solar loans for businesses of all sizes and our Green Glove service to handle the installation process

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