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Frequently Asked Questions

Joining the Sunstone Network​

What requirements must installers meet to access your loans?

We encourage all installers to apply as we do not have any hard requirements and evaluate every potential partner on a case-by-case basis. That said, some positive indicators include revenue over $1 million per year and successful installation of several systems over 50kW.

How do I get access to Sunstone’s platform?

First, you must complete this partner application. Once approved we sign the participation agreement and conduct a training. The entire process can take as little as two weeks from submission of the completed application.

Loan Products

What are the fees?

Sunstone charges the developer a fixed percentage of the loan amount. The percentage varies depending on the term and interest rate.

What are the interest rates?

For each term there are multiple interest rate options. Choose the one that fits your market and sales process the best. For exact product details, contact us and set a conversation.

What is the minimum loan size?

$50,000 - Sunstone was built to provide financing to businesses of all sizes, not just large investment grade borrowers. Our underwriting criteria and fees are the same no matter the project size and we are just as excited to underwrite a $50,000 loan as a multimillion dollar one.

How long are the loan terms?

Up to 20 years and as short as five years.

How do I know what terms a customer will get? 

You choose the financing options you want to provide or let the sales process dictate which product you offer. Sunstone makes an approval decision based on the creditworthiness of the borrower, not the terms offered by installer partners.Once terms have been discussed with the customer, send them the application knowing that if approved, they’ll get what terms you offered them

Loan Application Process

What types of businesses can you lend to?

All different types! We have a few exclusions such as when a business facilitates gambling (internet or otherwise), provides check-cashing, buys or sells currency for customers, offers high-rate loans to consumers (e.g., greater than 25% APR), supports the cannabis industry, or engages in firearm sales. Otherwise, we are pretty open, including businesses that are non-profits, schools, etc.

Where are you approved to lend? 

Sunstone can lend in all 50 states .

What limitations does Sunstone put on the project?

The project must provide savings to the borrower over 20 years and the manufacturer of any panels and inverters financed by Sunstone must be on our approved vendor list. Otherwise, there are no explicit price per watt limits or excluded module models.

Can Sunstone help me install solar for companies that lease their facilities?

Yes! Sunstone can lend to tenants as long as there is at least 4 years left on their lease.

Do you lend to non-profits? 

Yes! Sunstone can lend to entities of all types including 501c3’s and other non-profits.

What do you consider when decisioning a loan?

Sunstone underwrites the business that will own the system. We don’t pull the business owner’s credit report or require them to make a personal guarantee. Our underwriting process combines information pulled from borrower provided documentation and third party sources. It is a proprietary process designed to consider the unique aspects of financing solar and SMB customers.

How do I get a customer approved? 

Once approved to join the Sunstone network, partners use Sunstone’s financing platform and proprietary technology to send potential borrowers a simple, digital loan application. The partner is provided with status updates as the application is completed and decisioned.

What do you require in your borrower application?

The borrower application consists of five sections collecting information on the business, the project site, and the business’ ownership structure. We typically collect the following documents: three years tax returns, three months bank statements and property ownership or lease documentation. However, each borrower is unique, and we decision applications on a case-by-case basis

Loan Funding

Where does Sunstone’s funding come from?

We have partnered with a network of premier financial institutions that provide us with substantial lending capacity to back our loans. Certain Sunstone loans are originated by Cross River Bank, Member FDIC.

How do I get paid?

Sunstone pays the developer directly, less our origination fees. No more chasing borrowers for your check!

For Borrowers

I have the cash ready to deploy, why should I finance my system with Sunstone Credit?

There are a lot of great reasons why you should finance your system instead of paying cash! We wrote a whole article about it, which you can find here.

I have a mortgage on my property, will I still be able to finance my solar system with Sunstone Credit?

Yes, the only collateral for our loan products is a UCC filing on the solar system, so there is no impact to your mortgage or need for a lender subordination agreement.

I own a property, but my lease is NNN and the tenants pay their own utility bill, can I still increase my property’s NOI with solar?

Yes! We have simple, easy to implement solutions for property owners with NNN leases that benefit both the property owner and tenant(s).

My business rents our facility, can we still install solar?

Yes, Sunstone provides solutions for property owners, landlords and tenants.  If your business rents its location, you can install solar with consent of the landlord.

We are selling our business, what happens to the loan?

The loan transfers to the new owner of the business.

We are moving/selling our facility, can the loan be transferred?

Yes! The loan can be moved to the new facility owner, though technically it is not a transfer. The new owner will need to complete a loan application and be approved by Sunstone. Assuming they are, a new loan will be created that mimics the remaining terms on the old loan. If the new owner cannot be approved, the loan will need to paid off before the purchase is finalized.

How do I pay my bill? 

The quoted rates assume that you enroll in payment via ACH. Sunstone will bill you monthly on behalf of our financing partners.

What is the special payment and when is it due?

The special payment is a one time payment made to reinvest the tax credit you receive into your system. Making this payment keeps your monthly loan payments as low as possible from day 1. It is due 18 months after the beginning of the loan, but can be made at any time before that period. The loan begins at substantial completion, i.e. when the system is fully installed but perhaps not yet turned on.

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